Tips on Leaving Your Kitten Home Alone for the First Time

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It can be pretty heart-rending to leave a gorgeous kitten home alone for the first time, but it's something that is going to have to happen eventually. However, kittens are less self-sufficient than full-grown cats, so you need to take the tips listed below into consideration to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

Build Up Slowly

The first thing to remember is that you need to build up your kitten's alone time slowly. Of course, sometimes emergencies will arise that prompt you to leave for a while, but, if possible, you should always start by leaving for only 15 minutes or so. Then build up that length over the next few weeks.

Tire Them Out Before Leaving

Kittens have a lot of energy, and that energy can easily be directed at scratching up your furniture or some other naughty activity if it is not directed in a healthier direction. Before you leave, make sure you spend at least half an hour or so using a laser pointer or length of string to give your kitten the playtime of their life. This will mean that they are all tuckered out by the time you leave; they'll probably just nap until you get back.

Choose a Single Room

It might seem cruel, but try confining your kitty to just one room in your home. Kittens are mischievous; they could easily break something, get at an unsafe product, or chew through a wire if left in a larger room with lots of things in it. It can be a real hassle to kitten-proof your kitchen whenever you want to go out to do the shopping! It's much easier to place them in a single smaller room with plenty of toys. A guest room or your bedroom will work well, especially since the latter will be filled with the comforting smell of you.   

Put on a Video

Did you know that YouTube is filled with videos aimed solely at your cat? Strange, but true. A video of birds and other animals will entrance many kittens just as much as seeing the real thing right outside the window. If you'll be gone for a couple of hours, just turn one of them on and put the volume on low before you leave.

Your kitten probably won't enjoy being left alone for the first time and will either act hyper-happy to see you on your return or give you the cold shoulder for an hour or so. However, taking the advice above into account will help see everything go as well as possible. For more information and advice, consider talking with veterinary services