Four Skills Your Pup Will Learn At Puppy Pre-School

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Puppy pre-school is a fun way to teach your puppy the skills it will need to be a well-behaved member of your family. If you're looking for a place to take your pup, here are four skills they will learn at puppy pre-school.

1. Your Pup Will Learn Basic Obedience Commands And Skills

The first skill your puppy will learn at puppy pre-school is basic obedience commands and skills. This includes sitting, laying down and staying, among other things. These skills are important for both you and your pup because they will help keep them safe and out of trouble when you're not around. 

2. Focus And Attention Skills 

The second skill your pup will learn at puppy pre-school is focus and attention. In order for your pup to be able to focus on what you want them to do, they must first learn how to concentrate on one thing for longer than a few seconds at a time. This skill helps with obedience training and behaviour issues like chewing or barking too much while left alone. The more they practice focusing on one thing at a time, the easier it will become for them to do so later in life.

3. Agility Skills 

Puppies need lots of exercise, but they also need practice learning things like walking on leashes and jumping into cars so that they don't get scared when they're older and need these skills for real-life situations like going on walks or going for car rides. By teaching these basic agility skills at puppy pre-school early on, your pup will develop confidence in their abilities and will be much happier when they are out in the world.

4. Socialisation Skills 

Socialisation helps puppies learn how to interact with other people and dogs in a safe environment. Your pup will learn how to play with other dogs and not bite or chew on them. This makes them more comfortable around other dogs in public areas and prevents aggressive behaviours when they become adults. They'll also learn how to play with people by chasing toys or playing fetch so that they're comfortable around strangers when you take them out of the house.

Puppy pre-school is a great opportunity for you to socialise your puppy with other dogs, people and places. Your puppy will learn many important skills that will benefit you and your puppy throughout their life. Chat with a local vet's office like Findon Vet Surgery or a puppy training provider for more information about puppy pre-school today.