Winter Is Approaching: Why Your Dogs Will Need Proper Grooming

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Winter will soon be here. If you have dogs, now's the time to start thinking about winter pet grooming. You might not realise this, but winter weather can cause serious problems for your dogs, especially if they're not properly groomed. Most pet owners know that their dogs require grooming during the summer months. After all, summer grooming helps to keep dogs clean and cool during extreme heat. However, grooming can also provide health benefits for your dogs during the winter months as well. Here are just some of the ways proper grooming can safeguard your dogs this winter. 

Alleviate Dry Skin

If your dogs stay inside during the winter, you might think that their skin is protected against cold-weather damage. However, that's not actually the case, especially if you keep the heater running during the winter. Running the heater all winter can remove moisture from the air inside your home. Unfortunately, dry air can increase the risk of dry skin, which can lead to skin infections and canine eczema. One way to protect your dogs from the discomfort of winter skin conditions is to schedule routine grooming sessions. 

Prevent Tangles

If your dogs spend a lot of time playing outside during the winter, you need to worry about matting and tangles. This is especially important if your dogs roll in wet grass or mud during the winter. Matting and tangles can leave your dogs feeling downright uncomfortable during the winter. Not only that, but matting and tangles can also increase the risk of skin irritation. To prevent problems associated with tangles and matting, take your dogs to a groomer at least once a month during the winter. 

Identify Injuries

If your dogs participate in a lot of outdoor activities during the winter, you need to safeguard them against injuries. This is especially important if you do a lot of hiking and other winter activities with your dogs. Unfortunately, your dogs can't tell you when they're injured, which is where routine grooming comes into the picture. When you take your dogs in for grooming, the groomers can identify hidden injuries such as scrapes, cuts and insect bites. This attention to detail ensures that your dogs receive the treatment they need for their winter injuries. 

Protect Paws

If your dogs like to get outside during the winter, it's important that you protect their paws. Many people choose winter boots for their dogs. However, not all dogs are comfortable wearing protective paw coverings. That's why grooming is so important during the winter. Groomers pay close attention to the paws during the winter. They'll trim the hair between the toes, and trim your dog's nails. They'll also apply moisturiser to your dog's paws, to help keep them well-conditioned for the winter weather.